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Klik her for Færgerabat til Letland 2019

Dear Drivers, Competitors and Teams! 

Rallycross.lv and Rac.lv organizing team welcome You to 1st Round of NEZ Crosskart Championship in Riga, Latvia!


You are very welcome to Bikernieki in 03-05 May in Riga, Latvia.


Registration for race is open: https://www.rallycross.lv/en/racer_cross/new?race_id=38

In the afternoon on 3rd of May Organizer° is planning to make a training session, so you are welcome to participate in it, you can find out more details and information with this link:


We do hope that season opening event will gather the strongest and the fastest drivers in NEZ Championship- event held in Latvia!!!

We can all proudly say that the NEZ Crosskart is the biggest and the strongest series in the Europe where 7 Nations are joined under one flag!!!


Paddock entry starts ONLY on Friday 3rd May from 14:00 - 22:00.

Unfortunately, we cannot open it on Thursday as we must follow the track rules! 

Administrative check and scrutineering will take place on Friday, 3rd May only! Drivers briefing will take place on Friday evening 20:00! All drivers must take part!! 

As for the payment for the race entry fee - please prepare cash in Euro! 

Those who arrive early and want to spend some time in Latvia: 

1st and also 4th of May are official holidays in Latvia, so we expect to have many spectators coming to see the race!!!

If you arrive early then you have several options.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark- those who arrive Thursday morning (02nd May) from Nynasham to Ventspils with Stena lines, you can choose road along the coast line P124 and P131. There you can have some interesting sightseeing before you reach Riga. Latvia has 580km of sand beach coast line!!!



Very nice and old city: http://visit.kuldiga.lv/en/

Nice region to travel: http://visit.dundaga.lv/en/

Highly suggested to visit http://virac.eu/en/excursions/ web page is in Latvian, but there is an e-mail. Those of you who have time to go there, please contact them 3 days beforehand and ask for a tour time! This was one of the biggest radio telescopes in the world-during Soviet union highly secret place for espionage! Impressive place to visit!

Those who do not want to do it you take E22(A10) road directly to Riga. 

Finland, Estonia, Russia- you take the road from Tallinn to Riga E67 (A1) and if you arrive early, then there are some good places to visit.

http://www.klintis.lv/index.php/en/ with sand stone cliffs and small caves 

http://www.laucakmens.lv/main.php?language=eng very good food

there are many other places which you can choose to see.

You can also go to Sigulda, one of the top destinations for Latvian families 

http://tourism.sigulda.lv/attractions/ good place to go if you want to spend all day as there are many things to do.

For brave people http://tourism.sigulda.lv/bungee-jumping-eng/ and for children http://tourism.sigulda.lv/adventure-park-tarzans-eng/ 

Those of you who go directly to Riga and you arrive 1 day earlier you can choose camping directly in Riga city center 15min walking distance from Riga Old town. http://rigacamping.lv/index_en.html bit more further away http://riversidecamping.lv/en/camping/ 

Riga among Baltic states has very good restaurants and you can find some very, very good like Micheline star restaurants.

https://www.liveriga.com/en/ Riga has over 800 years worth of history and you can find very beautiful  places all over the city center. Visit our old town with many old and historical buildings. Riga is a very clean city and it is safe place to be! But of course always take care of your stuff and do not leave them unattended! http://www.akvaparks.lv/en/ aqua park near Riga. 

Some basic facts:

Currency- EURO

Fuel cost at this moment in Latvia is 1.20-1.24 EUR for Diesel (Neste, Circle K (Statoil), Virši-A, Lukoil)

Almost on every corner you can find supermarkets Rimi and Maxima. Also near track there are several stores in close distance. We have good quality reasonably priced food, so you can plan to buy most of your food and drinks in Latvia. Alcohol in Latvia is the cheapest in Baltics!!!! Be responsible!!!

Latvia is very famous with the very good and high quality beer (best brands Valmiermuižas, Užavas, Tērvetes, Bauskas alus) highly suggest to try those who drink beer.

When drunk please do not drive!!! But allowed alcohol content is 0,5. Penalties are high and you can get in jail!!!

As Bikernieki track is in the city then it is very easy to go to city center with taxy or public transport.

For taxy please use applications available in smart phone Baltic Taxy green Cabs,  Taxify or Yandex applications in smart phones very easy to use and cheapest way to go around!!! In taxy better is NOT to use cash!!!

In Latvia we have speed cameras!!! Driving speed outside the city 90, city 50 km/h. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask and we will help you as much as possible.  



















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